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About Us

Salamander Group is a leading developer of continuous monitoring technologies that help clients effectively manage their assets, resources and risk.

With products covering environmental, utility, energy and industrial sectors, our innovative solutions enable clients to:

  • Effectively manage resources
  • Optimise asset management and realise value
  • Efficiently mitigate operational risk
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Help safeguard communities

Salamander Group is head quartered in the UK.

Our Products include:


Salamander Group’s GasClam® provides a new approach to managing the risk of ground gas migration. Through in-borehole monitoring GasClam® allows the variability of gas concentrations to be observed and measured supporting the optimisation and operational control of coal seam and shale gas, landfill and development sites.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved assessment and management of site ground gas variability and risk
  • Optimisation of operations, driving savings
  • Validation of ground gas protection measures, opening sites for development
  • Improved understanding of sites, enabling change of use
  • Improved transparency and reporting to regulators

Find out more about GasClam here


Salamander Group’s ChloroClam® technology is used by water industry professionals to continuously monitor and manage chlorine levels in water distribution networks.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimisation of chemical dosing leading to cost reductions
  • Simpler management of chlorine across the network based on real time data leading to informed decision making
  • Improved reporting to the regulator
  • Reduced customer complaints


Salamander Group’s HydraClam® technology is used by water industry professionals to continuously monitor and manage water quality in the distribution network.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved management of discolouration, within the water distribution network, leading to lower customer complaints
  • Improved network modelling through in network monitoring
  • Improved reporting to the regulator
  • Optimisation of operations reducing cost
  • Monitoring and validation of mains replacement or cleaning operations

ChloroClam® and HydraClam® are developed in conjunction with and sold under license by Evoqua Water Technologies.

Details can be found on our sister site