Salamander Group is a leading developer of continuous asset monitoring products.

We have the skills and resources to deliver effective technology transfer. We are active in all aspects of successful technology transfer from academic research to private sector investment and ultimately selling new technology into global markets.

Our People:

Dr Stephen Boult, Director

Steve is the co-founder of Salamander Group and a lecturer at The University of Manchester. He combines more than 10 years experience in business with 20 years of applied environmental research.

Vince Ewan, Managing Director

With more than 20 years experience in the water sector, including establishing his own water consultancy, Vince oversees operations and finance and is a member of the Salamander board, advising on business development.

Mike Foster, Executive Chairman

Mike has significant experience in global resource management developed during many years in the banking sector. He became Chairman of Salamander Group in April 2004.

Peter J Newton, Director

Peter has been on numerous public/private company boards. Peter operates as a Professional Investor and has substantial interests in private companies investing in the Mining, Agriculture and Water sectors.

Robert Rollinson, Director

Robert is an experienced Board Director and independent advisor specialising in energy, water, technology and infrastructure. He has extensive industry and investment banking experience in Australia and overseas through North America, Europe and Asia and has held senior roles including Chair, Director and Chief Executive Officer of public and private enterprises.

Jo Cribbin, Company Secretary

Jo brings office and project management experience gained from over 20 years working in the IT, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Water Monitoring Technology Products

Gas Monitoring Technology Products