GasClam® provides in-situ continuous monitoring of ground gas on landfill sites, typically utilising existing (50mm) boreholes.

GasClam® monitors a wide range of ground gas parameters applicable to landfill sites such as:

  • Methane
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen sulphide
  • Volatile organic compounds

In addition, the GasClam® continuously monitors atmospheric pressure and temperature with the option of borehole water level.

Continuous monitoring with GasClam® enables site operators to:

  • Make accurate risk assessments, based upon long-term data, linking ground gas information with environmental drivers such as barometric pressure
  • Complete asset characterisation as opposed to the incomplete and misleading data sets provided by spot sampling
  • Provide comprehensive asset reports to regulators
  • Design and implement effective site management strategies

GasClam® is battery powered for stand-alone site deployment, and is telemetry enabled to allow remote operation, setting of alerts and data upload.

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