Coal Seam & Shale Gas

GasClam® enables continuous monitoring of active and non-active coal seam gas (coal bed methane) and shale gas mines.

The GasClam® collects continuous ground gas, water table and barometric pressure data, which supports and facilitates:

  • A best practice approach to ground gas migration monitoring and reporting based on continuous and extensive site data
  • Improved risk management and understanding of site conditions
  • Early warning of ground gas migration issues
  • Proactive site monitoring for fugitive emissions enabling transparent reporting to government and the public
  • Demonstration of regulatory compliance

GasClam® is optimally deployed to characterise background gas levels during resource pre-drilling, as an ongoing continuous monitoring regime during site operation and, ideally, as a permanent post-operation installation.

Installing GasClams® in monitoring wells prior to drilling establishes the background concentration of ground gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide. This provides unique benchmarking data for impact assessments and ground gas level comparisons during the mining life-cycle.

The use of GasClams® have been investigated to commercially capture more comprehensive data sets around well programs, ensuring drilling programs and their interpretation is more targeted and efficient for relevant stakeholders.

GasClam® is battery powered for stand-alone site perimeter deployment, fits in a 50mm borehole and headwork for site security. The telemetry incorporated in the device facilitates remote access, setting of alerts and data upload.

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