Dr Stephen Boult Win’s NERC’s Economic Impact Award 2015

Congratulations to our Director Dr Stephen Boult on winning the Award for Economic Impact at the Natural Environment Research Council Awards 2015.

Dr Stephen Boult and his team at the University of Manchester were nominated for their development of new instruments for monitoring water and gas quality in the environment.

Spin-out company Salamander Group licensed water products ChloroClam and HydraClam to Siemens (and now Evoqua Water Technology) and previously licensed it’s gas monitor GasClam to Ion Science, who between them have generated royalties equivalent to £7m in sales over the past five years.

Since its launch, Salamander Group has employed 14 University of Manchester graduates, as well as generating further jobs and investment elsewhere both in the UK and internationally.

Their water products, now recommended by the Regulator, are used by all major UK water service providers, and their gas product is stimulating growth in the market for monitoring greenhouse gases from fossil fuel extraction, such as shale gas and coal-bed methane.

Dr Boult plans to implement projects using ChloroClam and HydraClam to ensure effective management of clean water in crisis zones and developing countries using the prize fund awarded.