Technical Specifications

CH4**Infrared0-100% or
1% of FSD above 50%,
0.5% below 50%
+/- 2% FSD+/- 2% FSD
or 10% reading
CO2**Infrared0-100% or
1% of FSD above 50%,
0.5% below 50%
+/- 2% FSD+/- 2% FSD
or 10% reading
O2Electrochemical0-25%0.10% vol+/-5% of reading
+/- 1 digit
>1% O2 deviations
@ 10% O2
CO*Electrochemical0-2000ppm1ppm+/- 3ppm at 0,
+/- 5% at 250ppm
+/- 10% full scale
+/- 5% 0-500ppm
+/- 10% full scale
H2S*Electrochemical0-100ppm1ppm+/- 1ppm at 0,
+/- 2.5% at 50ppm
+/- 5%
VOC*PID0-6000ppm1ppm+/- 5% of reading
+/- 1 digit
+/- 5% to 100ppm
TemperatureInternal Chip-5°C to +50°C or
22°F to 122°F
0.1°C or 1°F  
Barometric PressurePiezoelectric800 to 1250 mBar1 mBar  
Borehole PressuePiezoelectric800 to 1250 mBar1 mBar  
Water Depth*Piezoelectric0-27 m0.01 m  

* Optional        ** Choice of two IR sensors

Physical/Mechanical Specification

Memory65000 time/date stamped reading
PowerInternal x 2 Alkaline D-cells or rechargeable battery pack
Battery LifeApprox. 2-3 months (based on hourly sampling with rechargeable battery pack)
CaseHigh quality stainless steel
Weight7.5 kg (16.8 lbs)
DimensionsOverall length: 85cm (33 1/2 in)
Borehole tube length: 78cm (30 3/4 in)
Head diameter: 10.9cm (4 1/4 in)
Borehole tube diameter: 4.5cm (1.77 in)
ProtectionIP68 rated (continuous submersion)
Operation TemperatureoC to +40 oC (32 oF to 104 oF)
EMC, ATEX 0105 X
Ex II 2G
Ex d ib [ib] I1B T4
IECEx Ex d ib [ib] IIB T4 Gb
CSA C (US & Canadian approvals) Class 1, Zone 1
(A)Ex d idllB T4
European and World-wide Patented

Specifications obtained under laboratory conditions of gas flow, temperature and humidity. Field performance is dependent on the correct installation procedures being followed, environmental conditions, frequent sensor cleaning and regular calibration.  Some of the sensors have cross sensitivity. Details are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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